Jintan Leonhart


Name: Jintan Leonhart
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Wolfblooded angel/human mix
Nationality: British Heritage
Build: Slim Build
Height: 5’8"
Weight: Lightweight
Skin colour: Slightly Pale Skinned
Eye description: Dark green, Blood red when in serious battle. He has 20/20 vision and his eyes shaped like a wolves eyes.
Hair description: Dark Blonde, Slightly messy style hair, fringe covers his right eye. His Hair goes down to just above his neck.
Typical outfit: Plain white shirt with unzipped leather jacket and fur collar. Black jeans and blade sheathe attached, has a necklace with a lion charm on it.
Armor: Military outfit with a silver chain attached to each shoulder guard, his family insignia is on the left sleeve below the shoulder guard, made from a fibre that is lightweight yet difficult to pierce
Weapon: Jintan’s weapon of choice is the gunblade
Magic skill: Light (Novice)
Racial Skill: Can transform into a black wolf, doing so however drains a lot of energy when going between them.
Strengths: His strengths are his agility and strength
Battle style: In battle prefers to work alone and often will ignore his teammates unless they are important to him.
Occupation: Student/Prince


“Jintan was born into the royal family of Konesia, and raised in Sunset Tritencia, a technologically advanced city in the sky. His father, Squall, the first of the wolfbloods and king and his mother Lottie, queen of the angels.
On his 4th birthday his father gave him his first training sword and forced him to train with him.
This went on till his 9th birthday, his father went off to a war and he was told by his father to protect his mother and 3 sisters. While his father was away however, a small group of neko assassins from a rival country arrived and attacked. Jintan fought bravely but watched his mother and oldest sister die before the royal guard were able to protect them. As his mother died she gave him her necklace and told him that if she needed him to call upon her using the gem within it. The Royal guards were unable to defeat the threat of the assassins however and Jintan and his 2 remaining sisters fled.
For the next 7 years he and his sisters grew up in the wilderness, away from civilisation, living in a old hut that he and his father had often spent time practising survival skills in. During this time he learned to look after himself and his sisters as they together took on the wolfblood side of themselves. They each learned the ways of transforming into their wolf form and learned to hunt as a pack.
During one of their hunt’s they heard information from some passerby nearby about the king returning. Because of this they chose to return home, under the cloak of night and find out if the information was true. When they returned they found their father, though he was a darker person than they remembered.
They spent the next year helping him and trying to settle back down into their old home and Jintan and his father started taking more interest into the strange phenomenon known as rifts that were said to connect universes.
After a year of researching them, Jintan planned a trip through an artificial rift, created using the technology that the city had, and with a small laboratory pack and a pack of his belongings he travelled through, crashing outside the school.”

Jintan Leonhart

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