Fierce but caring lycan shifter hybrid


Race/species…half shifter half lycan
Age… 17
Personality…. Caring, sweet a social butterfly…does anything for her friends and loved ones…. But is damaged from her past so can get fiercely protective, or blood thirsty especially on a full moon due to her lycan side

Appearance.. Tall, thin but athletic build , curvy, has long brown hair usually work down or in a ponytail, bark brow. Eyes wit green flecks in , usual outfit is black jeans and autumn coloured tops
Radical magic….shape shifting
Magic skill..geomancer lvl 1
Combat.. Defensive archer lvl1
Occupation.. Student


Grew up in a small village in a woods in Japan that was a haven for people like me shapeshifter we lived content and in harmony away from the real world well as best we could I grew up happy and content learning and growing with my many cousins and siblings able to shift whenever I wanted due to the people I lived with ect. There was disturbances amongst the animals and areas around our village the adults worried a little but no one knew what was to come suddenly one night I woke to the sounds of shouting and screaming a strange flicker of orange danced on my walls I knew something truely bad was happening my house was alight so I fled outside only to be greeted by mayhem and murder the templar was there heaving there great swords burning houses and murdering my family, friends and neighbours I was 10 I saw my mother being dragged away from my younger siblings body she was murdered in front of my eyes I ran into the forest thinking I had escaped but one had followed me grabbing me by my hair he sliced my skin across my back and down one of my sides I screamed in pain yukki and hope hear this they had been fleeing the village and saved me they tackled the templar knight of his feet hitting his head of a rock he died, holding my side we ran and kept running until we were safe where I passed out they took care of me until we were taken in by an elderly couple who took care of us but we couldn’t stay there forever when we were 13 we left and moved around sadly one night we got split up i didnt know where they went so i moved around until i was old enough to attend this school which my parents had attended


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