Prince rowan blackwood

Prince elf warrior


Name..Rowan Blackwood (prince)
Powers..geomancer lv1
Weapons ..defensive sword lv1
Appearance.. Light brown messy hair, emerald green eyes , tanned skin and pointed ears… He wears jeans and green shirt…but is more at home in his green leaf scroll armour
Personality.. Quiet and reserved…dutiful…but once you get through to him he is sweet and loyal and dorkishly cute and a bit of a tease…he’s also a fierce warrior


Bio..rowan is the youngest fighter in his father’s army and has immense talent due to this he has been chosen to lead as the new commander however he needs to go and get his education first before the old commander will step he has gone to texiton academy to do what he needs to do to pass class and lead his army and one day his people

Prince rowan blackwood

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