Rule, Guidelines and FAQ

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Rules and Guidelines:

1) <u>One</u> magic and combat skill to start (both low level but higher than others, magic one magic with others able to be learned further down the line)

2) Characters may be based off of pre-made characters loosely but should mostly be your own work. No clones unless discussed thoroughly with multiple mods first.

3) No Godmodding/OP Characters.
Making your character op or basically a god will have the character removed or heavily weakened)


4) Mod's decisions are FINAL! Do not argue as there will have likely already been a discussion regarding it.
The mods will discuss it.


5) Missions will require a lead mod to run. Battles will be turn based and rolled for to see how they go. To minimize confusion and god modding, the mod running it will roll for actions/reactions, or if available a platform will be used.
God modding during a mission can and will lead to the worst possible scenario that can happen. Injuries guaranteed, death… possibly. Rolls to decide how deadly?


6) New Magic skills (elemental manipulations etc)(not spells) will be learned either by mission reward, or by a major event outcome.
Look below.


7) Learning skills/spells will take time. To improve skills lessons, whether private or group must be attended. Skills can be improved in other situations if Mod's agree.
If your character just instantly learns a new move or spell, a mod can decide to just make it blow up in their face injuring your character.


8) No using text, l33t or any other type of speaking unless your character has a legitimate reason (Using a tablet or writing in a letter/message)
If you continuously doing it after being warned character will end up having an unfortunate event.


9) Respect everyone please, treat everyone how you expect to be treated. Should be an obvious one. (Both ICly and OOCly)


10) No Mary Sue (The perfect women for your other char or another person's character to be purposely shipped with. You are not allowed to ship your own characters with each other)


11) Relationships are allowed but they should not take precedence over the other parts.

12) No lazy RP (eg. Runs to where <char> is, does the same as <char>, copies <chars> movements unless it is actually possible at the time)
Your character shall be ignored. If within a mission or lesson, will likely make you fail that step/action.


Is there a specific form for how I reply to the chat?
A: No, while
there are many ways that you can reply it’s better to use the one you are most comfortable with. Separating speech from actions with <> or ** and "" is a must to keep your response easy to understand. Adding actions to your replies also gives more depth to your character, and tells others what they can pick up on when they are replying

Q: Can I preform time skips?
A: No. The RP is treated like real life, so that time passes at roughly the same time. 

Q: What weapons can my character use at the beginning?
A: Any. Go wild. But chose <u>only one</u> that he/she knows how to use.

Q: Can I have my own story?
A: Yes, if you want to have your story properly done, in an RP setting, consult with the mods so that you can work out the details together. It is your story, so you will deciding the setting and such. If you leave to much open ground, the mod will decide what to put in to make it more interesting.

Q: How is equipment distributed, rank wise?
A: Equipment is separated into categories of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-rare, Legendary and Mythic.
Each rank up would give an additional attribute to the weapon. Common equipment having no attributes, and Mythic having Five.

Q: What rank equipment does my character start with?
A: As a student, your character starts with one uncommon item set. Everything else on their person is common quality. Higher rank equipment can be acquired through missions and events but any equipment above common must be approved by a mod.

Q: What is God Modding and Mary Sue?
<meta />God modding refers to a character never suffering any wounds and always escaping from harm’s way.
Mary Sue is a term used to describe perfect female characters created by people to serve as a partner or lover for their favorite character of opposite gender, being highly annoying to other RPers.
Both are highly frowned upon and will be penalized if seen by the mods.

Rule, Guidelines and FAQ

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