Yukki Draconius


Name: Yukki Draconius
Age: 16
Race: dragon neko hybrid.
Gender: male
Appearance: black hair. Blue eyes. Paleish. About 5’5" 55kg. Wears band merch and jeans
Battle armour: dragon scales.
Personality: can be an ass at times but is usualy sweet and caring.
Racial trait: can turn into a dragon.
class: fire elementalist, sword duelist.

Yukki grew up in a small village in japan. Some day When he was 9 years old templars came and attacked the village during the night. As they attacked and burned houses down he was told to grab a certain box and escape. While his parents fought the templars to give him time, he saw them get killed and their house burned down. While running away with hope he heard luna scream and ran over to find her getting attacked by a templar. him and hope tackled his legs managing to knock him down and knock his head off a rock, killing him. After helping luna up and getting away from the village until luna passed out. he tirelessly took care of her until an elderly couple found them. they stayed there until they were 12 and 13 respectively because they couldn’t stay there forever. they left and roamed around until they were old enough to attend this school.


Yukki Draconius

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