Akari va Skadarji


Name: Akari Va Skadarji
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Race: Vaaru/Artificial Intelligence
Build: Slim, curvy Build
Height: 5’2"
Weight: Lightweight
Appearance: Grey Skinned, Light Pinkish Red eyes, Her eyes are similar to a cats. Dark Blonde, Straight hair, with a fringe. Hair is shoulder length. Her body has a slightly metallic tint to it. She wears clothes that blend in with the current situation and can transform it at any time.
Armor: She is the armor.
Weapons: She fights with her fists
Magic skill: Time
Racial skill: Can transform into a full armor-piece around a person, increasing their defensiveness heavily.
Weaknesses: Her emotions are limited, she has a short temper, dark personality, low fighting skills overall though can move quickly
Occupation: Student/Servant


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Akari va Skadarji

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