Keiji Kadomatsu


Name: Keiji Kadomatsu
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese Descent
Build: Average Build
Height: 5’5"
Weight: Average
Appearance:Slightly Tanned skin. Blue eyes. Black, Messy Styled, Medium length hair. Wears a lab-coat in class, other times wears traditional Japanese attire.
Armour: Wears traditional battle gear in the rare times he does fight
Weapons: Long bladed weapons
Magic skill: Movement and technomancy
Strengths: Is good with construction and tech as well as alchemy.
Weaknesses: Hates war and betrayal, doesn’t do well with disappointment.


Keiji was born in the capital of his home country Japan. From an early age his father would teach him the basics of construction. His family taught him the traditions of his country and were very strict with how he was allowed to act in public.
As his father would often work on the palace, ensuring the building was in good shape, Keiji would often go with him. He would often spend time with the emperor’s son Katsuo.
They would often practice their swordsmanship and have duels to see who was the best, with Keiji most often losing.
He, however, had a love for technology and would often use the techniques learned from his father to develop new machines that could improve the job.
His father did not like this new way however so Keiji eventually moved away to go on travels.
During his travels he learned about alchemy and decided he would try to better understand it and find ways of mixing alchemy with his tech.
He also met a wise man who, after seeing the tech that he had built and his interest in alchemy, invited him to teach at his school, whilst allowing him to further his research into alchemy.

Keiji Kadomatsu

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