Kenvetai Quadland


Name: Kenvetai quadland
Age: 18
Race: Dragonian
Appearance: Eye colour: Blue/ scale colour : Light yellow/ height: 4’4"/ uoturned wuills with red streaks and on downturned quill ontop of his head also with a red streak
Battle armour/clothes:battle armour: ((will get licture))/ casual clothing: Anythong thats game related i.e link hoodies or sonic shoes etc
Personality: Timid and very shy also kind and warm hearted
Racial Trait: Can breathe fire and has a slightly high running speed
Weapon Skill: Homing slash
Magic Skill: Fire style dragons flame of of pain


Ken is a prince over his kingdom dragon city and has been for almost a year ((give or take lol)) he loves his family and freinds and will be prone to protect them at tmes of need. He loves his mother as she was the only one who raised him alongside his four sisters he carries a larhe scythe like blade on his back embued woth the family crest

Kenvetai Quadland

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