Saphiry 'Fontaine' Olympus


Appearance: Ocean blue eyes, straggly blonde hair, caucasian with some blotches and mutation scars, 4’11, 6.5 stone, left arm replaced by a stub used for ‘big daddy’ drill attatchments’, usually wears a ragged green camo vest and jeans that are pretty much falling apart. chest size: 20B (small)
Battle armour/clothes: cobbled together metal armour.
Personality: clinically insane, has a short fuse, desperately seeks companionship but has no social skills
Racial Trait: Splicer so… increased overall stats at the cost of mental health
Classes: Rapier1, gunner1


Bio: A failed genetic mutant created by fontaine futurstics, Saphiry was stuck in cryostasis during the violent fall of rapture. she was found by deep sea divers trying to find the titanic. while undergoing research under the CIA, Saphiry escaped; thinking only by instinct and fear. has been forcibly brought to the academy by a secret group in order to give her some semblance of life.

Saphiry 'Fontaine' Olympus

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